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Before you can get started on any home renovation project, you need to clear the site ready for the building work to commence. The demolition of any structure requires careful consideration and the support of a skilled team such as CJR Lewis Construction. Our dedicated team are experienced in carrying out demolition projects efficiently and safely, using industry-standard equipment and approved techniques.


Demolition projects can pose various problems, from restricted access to neighbouring properties to impacting tight project deadlines for other renovation projects. For this reason, it’s important that you choose an experienced and reliable team to carry out any demolition tasks you may have. CJR Lewis Construction will make sure that the demolition process will be carefully managed in a professional way and will be carried out in a timely manner, so you can work on bringing the overall vision of your property to life.


We can work on any demolition project, from domestic buildings like bungalows and garages to more complex projects such as adjoining structures. We offer a range of services, including mechanical and manual demolition, site clearance and soft strip tasks. Using the safest techniques possible, we can work within challenging environments and to tight deadlines to provide a swift yet thorough demolition service to customers in the West Country.


If you have an upcoming project which you need demolition services for or you’d like a quote, contact the team today for more information.

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